The Kell Band Booster Association provides support to the staff and students of the Kell Band programs.  We function through the efforts of multiple volunteers.  Below is a brief description of some of our committees.  If you are interested in finding out more you can e-mail the appropriate Chair(s).

  • Alumni

    The Alumni Committee is responsible for keeping in touch with all former students and parents of the Kell Band program. 

    Chairs: Open

  • Chaperone

    The Chaperone Committee is responsible for providing chaperone support for any and all band activities including, but not limited to, band camp, band practices, football games, festivals, trips, etc.

    Chairs: Open

  • Conservatory

    The Conservatory Committee helps coordinate schedules, room assignments, and financial payments for our Conservatory program.  Lessons are held at Kell by highly qualified professional musicians who specialize on their instrument.  

    Chairs: David Hughie, Jennifer McGrath, Heather Galloway

  • Equipment

    The Equipment Committee (“Roadies”) is generally responsible for maintenance and transportation of equipment and props.  These efforts may include 1) maintaining all the equipment for the band (including drum major podiums, all the pit percussion carts with regard to paint, wheels, etc.,), 2) assuring the equipment trailer is always ready to roll, 3) building and maintaining props and making changes as needed, 4) transporting all the equipment and instruments to away football games, exhibitions, and competitions, 5) helping to move the pit percussion and drum major podiums on and off the field at halftime and back to the school after the performance, 6) moving other equipment as required.  A good singing voice is a plus.  

    Chairs: Eric Skow

  • Fundraising

    The Fundraising Committee is responsible for establishing, organizing, communicating, and encouraging participation in all current fundraising efforts as well as to brainstorm and develop new ones.  These may include both student funds, general funds, and shared funds as well as development of corporate sponsorships.  

    Chairs: Open

  • Guard

    The Guard Committee is responsible for coordinating the Guard needs, working closely with the directors to make sure they have everything needed and coordinated for the benefit of both the Guard and the entire band. The committee assures Guard activities are organized and running smoothly.  They will work with other committees as required to facilitate budget planning, travel organization, submission of forms required for events, fundraising, creation of flags and uniforms, chaperone events, etc.

    Chairs: Open

  • Historian

    The Historian Committee is responsible for photographing and video recording all Kell Bands events including performances, concerts, competitions and special events and maintaining an archive depository of their work. The Historian Committee works in close conjunction with the Website Committee to provide a visual record for the kbba.org website, as well as providing photographs for the weekly KBBA newsletter to the KBBA Secretary. The committee provides assistance for year-end and/or season-end banquet video productions.

    Chairs: Open

  • Hospitality

    The Hospitality Committee is responsible for coordinating meals and feeding the band students during designated student activities.  This may include band camp, before football games, before competitions, etc., but it may also include involvement during band-sponsored events such as festivals, Kelleidoscope, banquets, and others.  The committee may also provide concessions during concerts as required.

    Chairs: Open

  • Percussion

    The Percussion Committee serves as a liaison between Board and Percussion Directors to assist with organization.  They will work with other committees as required to facilitate budget planning, travel organization, submission of forms required for events, fundraising, chaperone events, etc.

    Chairs: Colleen Gunderson

  • Scrip

    Scrip is a subcommittee of Fundraising and is responsible for organization of weekly Scrip program, a major fundraising activity. Responsibilities include hosting weekly Scrip order/delivery times (currently 5:30 – 7:00 PM on Tuesdays).  Activities include computer-based input and tracking of orders, weekly order placement to Great Lakes Scrip Center, Kroger, and Publix, weekly coordination of Scrip clerks, completion of paperwork including monthly reports to treasurer, promotion and communication, and other tasks as necessary.

    Chairs: Jennifer McGrath

  • Special Events

    The Special Events Committee is responsible for definition, coordination, budget, and implementation of special band events, such as KELLeidoscope and PGA, as may be designated by the Directors and Executive Board when special focus and attention is required.

    Chairs: Cara Reeve

  • Spirit

    The Spirit Committee is charged with boosting band spirit through decorations, special products, etc. Some ideas may include decorating the band room before competitions and festivals and providing goodies to the kids after practice especially during band camp weeks or the week of a competition.  

    Chairs: Open

  • Spirit Wear

    Spirit Wear is a subcommittee of Spirit with a specific focus toward products (clothing, bags, magnet, etc.) that serve to build a common sense of spirit.  Such products may be used in conjunction with fundraising activities.

    Chairs: Scott Chruszcz and Karen Cayward

  • Uniform

    The Uniform Committee is responsible for measuring, fitting, assigning, gathering, cleaning, and storing uniforms all students in marching band and all concert bands.  The required uniform parts/pieces are ordered, the hems must be sewn for marching band, and repairs are made such as buttons and stirrups.  The committee will also provide costs for repair and replacement of uniforms.

    Chairs: Julie Hughie, Stacy Llamazales, and Kari Blalock

  • Website

    The Website Committee is responsible for maintenance of the kbba.org website, including creation and updates of links, pages, text, graphics, media files, etc. that contribute to the overall function and purpose of the website The Committee maintains a dedicated informational and outreach resource (the website) for all Kell bands students and parents, as well as the community at large.

    Chairs: Sarah Johnson


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